09 Sep 2022

Filmed during the Teaches of Peaches Anniversary Tour in 2022, this documentary seamlessly weaves together exclusive archival gems with dynamic tour footage capturing the transformative journey of Canadian Merrill Nisker into the internationally acclaimed cultural powerhouse Peaches. From the inception of the stage show to the rigorous rehearsals and riveting performances, the film provides an intimate look at …

29 Aug 2019

Hardly any other German band polarizes as much as the techno-pop pioneers Scooter: For some they are “Dada madness” or “fairground jewelry”, for others they are cult. With simple as well as succinct slogans like “Hyper! Scooters grew up in Hyper !, How much is the fish and Respect to the Man in the Ice Cream Van.

23 Oct 2017

1933, books burning in Göttingen. The German philologist Ernst Pfeiffer is on his way to pay his respects to a woman whose nature and work he has long worshiped – Lou Andreas-Salomé. The now 72-year-old lives reclusively in her house together with Mariechen, who helps her with the household. She usually turns visitors away, no longer maintains relationships. However, …

23 Oct 2017
Jane and Paul try to enjoy their wedding day but the atmosphere is not very nice...The conversation is irrelevant, Paul ignores Jane. The frustrated Jane decides: Paul must be replaced. How good that a roboter-husband can be turned off easily. Just a phone call and the new Paul is ordered. He´s more sporty, pithy and … Continued
07 Oct 2017
Sophie is in her early twenties and pregnant, but not from her boyfriend. She has an appointment for abortion but has no idea how she should decide. The night before abortion she steals the motorbike of her boyfriend and drives like a suiciadal through the city. To her suprise she´s still completely unhurt, so she … Continued
19 Sep 2019

Carola Rackete, the woman of the moment, was suggested for the Nobel Peace Prize, and meets Maja Lunde in Oslo, the most successful author of Norway, the host country of this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.
This episode of “Into the Night with…” is a commentary on the current political debate, the issue of civil disobedience, as for example expressed in the Fridays for Future Movement. A film about the resistance against the destruction of nature and the exploitation of fossil resources.