Into the Night with Navid Kermani and Martina Gedeck

Author Navid Kermani and actress Martina Gedeck meet in Neapel. Together they spent a night full of oppositions and talk about love, passion, literature and the magic of camera.

At the Piazza del Plebiscito it becomes clear, that both have completely different memories of their first meeting. Kermani reminds nine hours with intense talks and lots of alcohol. Gedeck thinks, that both did not really talk with each other. Kermani wants to follow advice of a friend to stop drinking alcohol while shooting.  In the deprived area Sanità they visit the Basilica Santa Maria della Sanità and meet Pater Don Antonio Loffredo, who works with children from poor families to make San Gaudioso an attractive place again. The story of the catacombs shows, that there is a long tradition from north-african immigrant in Neapel.

In a restaurant Gedeck and Kermani try to find out, how they met at the Bundestag. Gedeck does not want to believe that, Kermani sat next to her on porpose.

They visit the Gallerie d’ Italia with famous the famous painting from the holy Ursula von Caravaggio, a picture that Kermani loves and in which he sees a feminist legend. They meet up with the iranian Ali Namazi, who came 43 years ago as an student of architecture to Italy and founded the first Tango-school in Italy.

Afters some glasses of wine the good resolutions are forgotten and the camera team leaves.

A film by Niloufar Taghizadeh
Producer Cordula Kablitz-Post, avanti media fiction
Editor Martin Pieper / ARTE
Length  52 Min.