Into the night with Carola Rackete and Maja Lunde

Carola RacketeMaja LundeCarola Rackete, the woman of the moment, was suggested for the Nobel Peace Prize, and meets Maja Lunde in Oslo, the most successful author of Norway, the host country of this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.
This episode of “Into the Night with…” is a commentary on the current political debate, the issue of civil disobedience, as for example expressed in the Fridays for Future Movement. A film about the resistance against the destruction of nature and the exploitation of fossil resources.

The two women think about the consequences of climate change. They have warned us and become politically active. Oslo, with its wealthy urbanity, mirrors the balancing act between ecological awareness and economic constraints like hardly any other city in Europe.
“Into the night with Carola Rackete and Maja in Oslo”provides personal and intimate insights into the careers of two women who have become icons of the environmental movement. An evening of mistrust in political representatives and the responsibility of each individual.
Up to date. Political. Entertaining.

Photos: © Berby, Neugebauer