Hardly any other German band polarizes as much as the techno-pop pioneers Scooter: For some they are “Dada madness” or “fairground jewelry”, for others they are cult. With simple as well as succinct slogans like “Hyper! Scooters grew up in Hyper !, How much is the fish and Respect to the Man in the Ice Cream Van. The band, the Ostfriese Hans Peter Geerdes aka H.P. Founded 26 years ago, Baxxter is undoubtedly very successful across Europe. Scooter ended up in the top ten German singles charts with 23 songs. In addition, there are more than 30 million records sold and more than 90 gold and platinum records in Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Russia. Scooters are now respected for having created their own genre, because they have always remained true to themselves.The documentary interweaves the history and development of Hans Peter Geerde into a cult and art figure H.P. Baxxter with the documentation of the emergence of the 20th Scooter album in their own studios in Hamburg and on the subsequent tour of European cities such as London, Copenhagen and Hamburg to Moscow. What inspires H.P. Baxxter, what drives him? How and where does he live and work, who is the person behind the artist?

We accompany H.P. Baxxter from the first idea of the new album to the implementation with the musicians in the studio and the presentation at record company and management, in the conception and the music video shoot with casting of the dancers, in buying and making the stage outfits, in the planning and choreography of the Stage show and rehearsals of the band. In addition, we accompany him during the tour, in front of and behind the scenes, backstage, during fitness and sports, in the classic car workshop in the care of his Jaguar collection, on car rides through Hamburg to his favorite places, in the nightlife of Berlin, Hamburg and Ibiza and when vacationing on Sylt.

These recordings are complemented by Mother Ellens private archive material, videos and the most important songs from H.P.s career, interviews with family members, former band members and other companions such as the Scorpions singer Klaus Meine. Music videos and concert footage show the development of H.P.’s style icon and the genesis of the most important songs of her career, including “Hyper! Hyper! “,” Nessaja “,” How Much Is The Fish “And” Maria, I like It Loud “.

We look behind the fa├žade of an artist of tremendous willpower whose career breakthrough surprised him the moment he had already said goodbye to him, finding out what motivates him and what his recipe for success is today.