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Director Cordula Kablitz-Post’s “Lou Andreas-Salomé,” about the philosopher, writer and psychoanalyst of the same name might have an uninspired film title but is absolutely worth seeing on both for its form as well as its content. In about two hours, the filmmaker, who has made a name for herself through her television biographies about Nina Hagen, Mickey Rourke, and Christoph Schlingensief, presents insights into the life of an extremely intelligent, emancipated and self assertive woman who was far ahead of her time. At the center of the biopic about Lou Andreas-Salomé, who was born in St. Petersburg in 1861 and died in Gottingen in 1861, are the moving relationships with her celebrated contemporaries Friedrich Nietzsche – whom she admired, Rainer Maria Rilke – whom she loved, and Sigmund Freud – who appreciated her sharp intellect. Kablitz-Post, however, is not focused on historical celebrities here, and remains very close to her main character, beginning the narrative in the fateful year 1933 and jumping back in time through the decades around the turn of the century.

Instead of using effects and make-up, she has four actresses embody the protagonist. Helen Pieske (as a child), Liv Lisa Fries (as a rebellious teenager) , Katharina Lorenz (with the well-earned majority of screen time) and Nicole Heesters (as the 72-year-old Lou) meet the challenge excellently. Thus evolves not only the image of a woman who defies all conventions, but also that of a whole epoch which leads from St. Petersburg through Rome and Vienna through to Berlin. Credit for a significant part of the formal brilliance of the film is deserved by Director of Photography Matthias Schellenberg (“The Years of Plenty are Over”), who always has Andreas-Salomé always walking through a three-dimensional postcard landscape at the change of a location, and Judit Varga, whose minimalistic music are partly reminiscent of Michael Nyman’s formidable compositions For Peter Greenaway. Rarely was a biopic about an artist personality so exciting, instructive, so entertaining and demanding at the same time.

Source: Point of view: Film
“The director Cordula Kablitz-Post now pays tribute to the writer, lyricist and philosopher, which captivates with a strong ensemble and narrative ease.”

Source: PROGRAMMINO.DE, 15.06.2016
“An impressive portrait of an extraordinary woman who shaped German cultural history in an unexpected way.”

“Great biopic”

“Cordula Kablitz-Post had until now been known through documentaries about Christoph Schlingensief and Pierre Brice. Here she has set a cinematic monument to this woman about whom far too little is known today. In “Lou Andreas-Salomé”, the protagonist is portrayed by four actresses in different phases of her life. Katharina Lorenz has the most important role, the others are Nicole Heesters, Liv Lisa Fries and Helena Pieske. The strong cast also includes Alexander Scheer and Peter Simonischek. The director lets her walk around the city through three-dimensional postcards, an unusual dramatic idea in a film which is convincing in its visual imagery. ”

Source: Hamburger Abendblatt (supplement “Live”), 30.06.2016

(The article says 4 actresses and and names the other 2. I changed the text from the German)

“Cleverly Made Biopic”

“All the better that director Cordula Kablitz-Post’s biopic sets a worthy memorial for her. The background story is cleve, with dramaturgy that has intrinsic value; the cinematicc effects (postcard world!) are skillful, the acting strong. ”
Source: Hamburg pur, 06/2016

“The documentary filmmaker Cordula Kablitz-Post, turns to the philosopher and psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé” in her feature film debut . Supported by the sovereign acting of Katharina Lorenz, who embodies Lou as a 21-50-year-old, the director also vividly draws the image of a strong woman who was far ahead of her time in terms of female self-determination and fulfillment. Fascinating: The Old postcards. Recreated background world by the superior production designer Nicolai Ritter. ”
Source: Dresdner Latest news, 30 June 2016

“Cordula Kablitz-Post, the specialist for TV biographies, has her screen debut with a portrait which is interesting in form as well as content of the person for whom the film is named.” Source: Berliner Zeitung, 30 June 2016

A woman makes her way. The life of Lou Andreas-Salomé,” one of the first emancipated women in Central Europe, captured with cinematic excellence by director Cordula Kablitz-Post. The amusing and intense film can be seen for example at the Mannheimer Odeon or the Heidelberg camera. ”
Source: Mannheimer Morgen, 30.06.2016

“An impressive docudrama about a very extraordinary woman.”
Source: ELLE, 07/2016

“A great portrait!” Source: MY WAY, 07/2016